Macaroni among spaghetti and pasta are the queen type of food in Italy. They are easy to prepare, tasty and can be eaten with plenty types of sauces or different other combinations.

One of the traditional combinations that we like to eat is: macaroni and cheese. They are easy to made, and very tasteful.

We have for you a different recipe that includes many types of cheese for everybody’s taste. Traditional recipe involves preparing macaroni with Comte cheese (the oldest cheese that is consumed after 24-36 months of production). If you cannot find Comte cheese, you can use another old cheese.

Things you should know about cheese:
There are hundreds of types of cheese. Different styles and flavors are the result of using different species of bacteria and mold, the various levels of fat in milk, ripening time, a different regimen and processing (Chemical means mold wash) and different sources of raw materials (different varieties of cows, sheep or other mammals). Other factors include animal diet and the addition of agents such as herbs and aromatic spices, or smoking the wood. The flavor can be influenced by the presence or absence of prior pasteurization of milk.

Some cheeses are prepared by clotting with acids such as vinegar or lemon juice. Most are acidified with bacteria that turn milk sugars into lactic acid, followed by adding rennet to complete the forming.

All you need for three-cheese macaroni is:
– 500 grams of macaroni
– 150 grams of race Comte cheese (or an old cheese)
– 100 grams of Roquefort cheese
– 2 pieces of fresh goat cheese
– 150 ml of liquid cream
– 1 tablespoon peppercorns, crushed
– salt


1. In a pot with lid, boil a large quantity of water with salt. Put the macaroni and stir. Let them boil well boiling for 8-10 minutes (taste and decide whether or not are cooked enough, depending on your preference).

2. Meanwhile, heat the cream in a pan. Add Comte and Roquefort cheese chopped then add some pepper. Heat the composition at low heat, stirring until all the cheese melts.

3. In a preheated serving dish, put the raced Crottin the cream and cheese sauce made and drained macaroni poured over him. Mix, sprinkle pepper and serve immediately.

Tip: For this recipe, choose medium-size macaroni. This recipe is rich in calories, because cheese can be served as a unique way, with a green salad alongside. Then you can enjoy a fresh fruit salad.

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