Chicken is always easy to cook and also very delicious. But you may have gotten tired of the same old chicken soup or oven roasts and are looking for some new approach.If you have tried all kind of chicken recipes and you want something new and exotic, well you should try the maple-glazed chicken recipe which we will present in this article. Unlike the classic chicken soup recipes from SoupSecrets.Net which are part of our culinary routine, the following recipe is a lot more spectacular which is why you should cook it on a special occasion, when you have guests over for dinner.

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You need the following ingredients:
1 chicken, 1 onion, 2 green pepper Kapi, 2 chilies, 2 apples, wine, salt, pepper, paprika ,cayenne pepper.

Marinade: 3 cloves garlic, brown sugar, salt, 1 cup white wine 1 / 2 cup soy sauce, blend of spices (coriander, cardamom, green pepper, red, white, chili, fresh ginger), 2 limes.

Preparation of maple-glazed chicken:

We got a rotisserie chicken for a little chubby 1.4 kg. In a bowl of about 250-300 ml we did the marinade. Three large cloves garlic well, we rubbed with brown sugar and salt until the paste has been made. We’ve drunk it with a glass of white wine, half a cup of soy sauce and a blend of spices (powder) containing coriander, nutmeg, pepper, green, red, white, chili, cardamom, fresh ginger, finely grated and we squeezed lime well two. We introduced the chicken back in the bag tight when we bought it after we cleaned beforehand tabs conscientiously. We expanded the chicken suit neck-flavored marinade and poured between two layers of skin with fat and meat.

We introduced a narrow tail spoons with long handle with care to reach the most remote places. The rest we putted in the bag besides cast tight. So double sailor outside and inside. Amount of about a cup large enough and we was locked in place with a paper bag clip. We let the cold store 2 hours. When you put it in the tray, we placed an onion in the “collar” to highlight the “funnel” through which we infused with Asian capital. We cut an onion into large pieces and two green Kapi pepper.

We put in tray 2 moderated chili green pepper, we cut two slices of peeled apples spine. We have “squeezed” well the chicken of the marinade, and we seasoned with salt, paprika (sweet pepper) and spices that we used at the marinade. A few slices of apple quarter onion, half a pepper, a clove of garlic and large leaf of celery we have introduced into the abominable cavity, the rest of the vegetables we have pipelines in and around the chicken.

We made fire in the oven and while we put the chicken in microwave oven 20 minutes to start up the broil around the the mass of meat. We then put in the oven on the stove with fire given by half. After half an hour we turned on the other side, in a fat lake which it left. We have not put anything in the tray, only half of the salty-sour-sweet marinade. After another quarter of hour we poured out some wine about 50-75 ml and still left to cool for half an hour. Once you try this recipe, you will be delighted by it and you will definitely be making it again. Although it is a bit more complicated than classic chicken soup recipes, it is nice to diversify our menu every once in a while. The great thing about chicken is that we can experiment with it in multiple ways and it always tastes great.

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