Lamb or kid enter the category of red meat and is a good source of quality protein. For healthy and physically active people is a healthy option, but for those with specific problems (dyslipidemia, trigliceridemia, hypertension, liver, kidney, obesity) is indicated to eat lamb pieces in small quantities and only very weak. Otherwise, they might altogether give up on roasts and go for something lighter, like some lamb soup which are delicious and savory. In order to be able to prepare healthy dishes all the time you should consider some efficient kitchen decor ideas.

One of the most important kitchen decor ideas, consists in how you combine functionality with decor. For example, a modern fridge should be not only visually pleasing but also efficient.  Your refrigerator should also have a larger freezer compartment which should be stacked with healthy meat. If you plan on buying a new fridge, focus on the best refrigerator brands as they are more trustworthy. After all, a fridge is the type of appliance which should last many years. Moreover, the best refrigerator brands also have a wide variety of fridge designs for you to choose from, so that the new appliance can match your kitchen decor ideas. This being said, today we have a great recipe for you: grilled lamb chops with mint.

Depending on the cut portion, lamb has a relatively high energy density: 200 – 300 grams Kcal/100. Also, lamb contains:

– a lot of potassium;
– organs (especially liver), and meat contain very much iron is absorbed very gently;
– Calcium is a small amount;
– little vitamin E;
– folic acid, but in smaller quantities.

People who have kidney problems or hepatic-pancreas must be very careful about what they eat because if they held fast and start eating a lot can make acute pancreatitis;

Lamb fat contains saturated fat that atherogenic effects, that is deposited on the arteries and promotes cardiovascular illnesses;

Lamb must be consumed in moderation. It is not bad for healthy people and physical assets, but for those with problems need small quantities and very thin pieces (the amount of cholesterol is 80 mg per cup).

We would like to present you a special grilles lamb chops with mint recipe:
You will need:
– 8 lamb chops
– 125 g butter
– 2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint
– 1 onion chopped
– 2 tomatoes cut
– 2 kiwi
– 1 tablespoon of oil
– 1 tablespoon of chopped green coriander
– one tablespoon sugar
– salt
– pepper
– aluminum foil

The butter should be mixed with chopped mint and put the resulting paste on a sheet of aluminum. Roll and put at refrigerator until it hardens.

Season lamb chops and place on grill. In a pan fry chopped onion, oil and coriander. Cutapples into quarters, brush with oil and sprinkle sugar over them. The chops will stay on the grill 2-3 minutes. When they are ready, put on a plate with pieces of apples and onions and tomatoes.

Mode of serving
It is served with the butter and mint paste from the refrigerator, but also with vegetables such as potatoes broccoli and carrots.

Grilled lamb chops with mint can represent a special type of food.

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