The cheesecake, a cake with smooth cheese cream, is a very old recipe. It seems that the earliest records of this cake dates back to ancient Greece. When the Romans conquered Greece, the secret fell into their hands. The Romans called this cake “placenta” and the recipe was similar to cheese pie that we all know. This “placenta” has a pastry, fine, that sometimes one and covers. The cake is also called the “libium” it was offered by the Romans and their gods at the temple.

Also, small cheesecake sites have been served to athletes during the first Olympic Games from the year 776 BC, on the Delos Island.

Over time the cake has so many different recipes, there are a lot of new ingredients added by people who used their imagination. The cheesecake has become so popular and the reason why is that this cake is absolutely delicious. With vanilla, fruits, cream and so many other preferences, it remains one of the queens in the “desert world”.
We propose you a new and very tasty recipe: chocolate truffle cheesecake!


  • Countertops:

– 220 g digestive biscuits
– 70 g butter, melted

  • Composition:

– 500 g smooth cottage cheese
– 125 g cream cheese
– 3 eggs
– 100 g sugar
– 180 g white chocolate
– 180 g dark chocolate (bittersweet or milk)

  • Truffle Cream

– 200 g truffles (cocoa)
– 40 whipped cream
– a banana (for decoration)
– shaped chocolate candies for decoration

Heats up the oven and prepare the form. For cheesecake use a round shape with detachable walls. The shape of the lining with baking paper cut to size and the walls brush with butter.

Crumble the biscuits and mix them with melted butter until crumbly dough is formed.

In a bowl, beat the eggs with sugar, cheese and cream cheese until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Divide the mixture into two equal parts.

Stir the chocolate with base composition until smooth. Chocolate tends to strengthen in contact with cold composition. Continue to stir constantly until smooth.

Remove the form of cold, place the first layer with white chocolate. If you do not want to mix the two compositions, hold about 10 minutes in the oven first composition, and only then add the other. It takes about 50 minutes in the oven, until crisp and solidifies.

Truffle Cream: We put 40 ml of cream at warming in which we melt the 200 grams of truffle cream and stir until it becomes easy to spread. It is used to cover the chocolate cheesecake.

Enjoy the chocolate truffle cheesecake!

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