Soup is a very light and easy to digest type of food. It can help the transit and also eating soup you do not have to eat a lot of dry food which may create undesired feeling in your stomach.
Chicken noodle soup is the easiest soup ever.

Considering that we thought to present you a classic and tasty chicken noodle soup recipe.

– 1 kg whole chicken
– 3 pieces white onion
– 2 pieces pepper
– 2 pieces tomatoes
– 3 pieces potatoes
– 1 piece carrots
– 2 pieces bay leaf
– parsley 1 piece meaning a connection
– borsch 0.5 l
– 1 tablespoon salt
– 200 grams parsley root (linen)

Steps in preparation:
Cut the chicken into pieces, wash it well. Arrange the chicken pieces in a saucepan of 4-5 liters and pour the water to cover it well.
Set to boil.

Until it begins to boil the meat peel 1 onion, 1 green pepper. Cut them into small pieces, including tomatoes and (here we used canned tomatoes). Prepare the bay leaf.

When meat begins to boil, squeeze the foam, or change the water and let it boil again.

When meat begins to boil again, add the prepared vegetables and the bay leaf. Let it boil at low heat for 40-45 minutes.

Peel and finely cut the carrot, parsley and parsnip and pepper.

Peel and cut the potatoes and onion cubes.

After cooking the meat, add the prepared vegetables and simmer everything still 20-25 min, until vegetables are boiled.

After having boiled the vegetables add the borsch and simmer 5 minutes.

Finely cut the parsley and onion.

Soup fits of salt, add parsley and onion, the fire goes out and let it stew about 15-20 minutes to enter all the flavors.

Boil noodles separately, drain water and rinse with cold water. Grease with a little refined oil.
When serving the soup, noodles are added to the plate. If we boil with soup, they become too soft and the soup is made ugly the 2nd day. However, you don’t have to worry about hard to clean dirty dishes, because you can always read some Bosch dishwasher reviews and choose a performing appliance that cleans even the most stubborn stains. The reason we recommend Bosch dishwasher reviews is because it is one of the best brands on the market, and if you want to save money and time both cooking and cleaning, you will invest in such a product.

The chicken noodle soup can be served with cream or without. This chicken noodle soup is perfect also in the winter, when most people get cold.
Bon app├ętit!

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